Career Explorations at the Library

Here's how to land your dream job.

Whether you are a small business owner or are looking to advance your career, you can find helpful resources at your local library. Libraries are primarily famous for free books, but they can do even more for people interested in learning new skills. Here’s how you can use your local library for career development opportunities.

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Career Services

Many public libraries provide helpful career services for patrons seeking a cover letter, resume, or job-searching assistance. Some libraries even offer classes teaching people computer skills like Microsoft Word and Excel. Libraries often contain subscription-based databases solely devoted to career development. These databases feature video tutorials that teach skills useful for your career goals.

Research and Educational Materials

Public libraries provide supplemental materials such as e-books, magazines, audiobooks, and videos. These materials cover career topics such as leadership skills, time management, and work-life balance. Librarians can also guide and advise you as you research and explore your goals.

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Libraries are community spaces that encourage people to collaborate and work in a creative environment. For example, some libraries offer makerspaces for people to work on unique skills and projects. Inevitably, you’ll run into community members and librarians who can help you support your career goals. Someone you meet at the library could connect you with an incredible opportunity within your career field. Consider joining the Friends of the Library and other groups that bring diverse professionals together to support the library and the community. You’ll make excellent connections.


Libraries are career-focused workspaces and are great for anyone needing a change of scenery. Libraries almost always provide free wifi, heating, air conditioning, office supplies, computers, and work tables. Whether preparing for an interview, creating a new resume, or completing everyday tasks, the library is a fantastic place to achieve your career goals. Consider using your local library’s community rooms as a workspace if you’re a remote worker.

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