Homebound? Your Library Can Help

Libraries have many ways to connect with homebound individuals and provide them with library services.

In the past decade, the population of homebound adults in America has increased from 5% to 13%. Being homebound can feel isolating, whether from health issues, disability, or living situations. However, libraries have many ways to connect with homebound individuals and provide them with library services.

Many libraries have specific services for people who can’t visit in person. There are available resources to help you enjoy books and other library services from the comforts of your own home. Keep reading to learn more about library services for homebound bookworms!

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At-Home Services

For people unable to leave their homes, here are a few resources likely provided by your local library:

  • Homebound persons can set up mailing orders with the library. If you can’t make it in person, call your local library and ask them to deliver specific books, DVDs, magazines, or other materials to your door.
  • Discussion groups can help create a social network through your library. Many libraries have programs that connect homebound individuals to a virtual book club. Members read the same book and virtually discuss it as a group, allowing for social connections as you read separately or together.
  • Library newsletters are available in certain areas. Some libraries have virtual newsletters available for their homebound patrons. These newsletters can have book recommendations, the latest releases, or ways to contact the library for more services.
  • Homebound people can arrange home visits from a reading buddy. In most of these programs, a reading buddy can come to your home and read with or aloud to you. You can ask your local library if they have a volunteer program for home visits.

Your donations help support libraries across the country. 

Nursing Home Services

Most libraries also have services for adults in nursing homes. Here are a few benefits you can ask your local library about:

  • Libraries can provide collection drop-offs for nursing homes. Collection drop-offs allow libraries to deliver books to nursing homes.
  • Audio readers for groups are available for anyone. Audio readers can let multiple people listen to a book together, creating social connections through the shared enjoyment of reading.
  • People who are homebound can request reading visits. Anyone can ask volunteers to read with or to them. The volunteer can either be a friend or an employee from the library.
  • Programs provided by a library employee on topics such as how to access ebooks, computer basics, book clubs, and more. Call your library to ask about setting one up.

Call your local library to find out what homebound services they provide to your community. Also, check out EveryLibrary to learn how you can support libraries nationwide.

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