How Libraries Help Businesses of All Sizes

From market research to meeting rooms to networking opportunities, be sure to take advantage of all the library has to offer your business!

Public libraries connect entrepreneurs, business owners, and job seekers with the resources they need to succeed.

Big businesses, small businesses, and every venture in between can benefit from the help of a library. As community resources for knowledge and technology, libraries have always been excellent spaces for studying, researching, and relaxing. Here are five ways that libraries act as community workspaces for entrepreneurs too.

Providing Community Spaces

The first and most prominent part of how libraries can help business owners is by providing free space for people to meet. Job interviews, showcases, and company meetings can take place at the library as a neutral space. Library meeting rooms are great places for employers and employees to meet and discuss ideas without having to purchase a meal. Plus, the quiet space and guaranteed internet are a bonus!


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Offering Entrepreneurial Classes

Libraries offer tons of free educational courses, including programming, language, and even business classes. For people looking to start their own business venture, libraries are the best place to start looking for business tools and brushing up on Economics 101. 

Making Data Analysis Tools Accessible

In addition to the educational courses, many libraries also have specialized librarians, particularly business librarians. A business librarian specializes in all things business and entrepreneurial. They know exactly what resources you need to start a business, calculate payroll, and manage inventory. They can also help you find and connect to business databases for research purposes, and some can even help you build a digital storefront!


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Create a Space Tailored to Local Economies

It’s not just meeting spaces that libraries provide either. Library bulletin boards are excellent sources of information about your community. For burgeoning small business owners, your local library provides a quick look into your community. What kind of values do librarygoers share? What type of ads do you see on the bulletin boards, and what kind of businesses sponsor your library? Studying community values is essential to connect with your community. Some libraries even allow business owners to leave coupons for patrons!

Providing Internet and Computer Access

Finally, libraries help expand the business community by providing educational materials, internet, and computer access to people who otherwise cannot afford them. As free community spaces, a library aims to make reading accessible to everyone. People needing a job can use library resources to apply for work or learn a new language and have better chances of getting hired. Whatever the resource, libraries can provide.



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