How Libraries Support Nonprofits

How Libraries Support Nonprofits

Local libraries are immersed in their communities and, in many cases, will work with and support non-profits on a local and national level to bring about impactful change. There are many non-profits located in your local community that benefit from the resources and support that libraries provide. Libraries have a lot to offer-just look at the endless stories of library and non-profit partnerships that have emerged throughout the years.

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Nonprofit Resource Centers

Oftentimes, libraries host a nonprofit resource center for community organizations to utilize. The Central Library in Denver has resources curated specifically for nonprofits on the third floor of their library. Resources include books, periodicals, and databases that touch on funding, grantmakers, and a variety of community resources that help connect, enhance, and grow nonprofits. The library also has connections with the Colorado Nonprofit Association which is a great starting point for new nonprofit organizations to look to for guidance. The library has also compiled best practice guides and information on important nonprofit related topics like IRS status and filing as well as grant writing and creating funding proposals.

Stories of Nonprofit Support

There are plenty of examples where libraries have come to the aid of nonprofit organizations. In metropolitan areas of Atlanta and Baltimore, libraries partnered with Vision to Learn, a national nonprofit that provides healthcare to local, underserved youth. Specifically, they focus on making sure youth in the area are able to see properly by providing vision screenings, eye exams, and glasses. Many times, these partnerships are formed when libraries reach out offering support. Check out this local news segment for a look into how this program has operated in Baltimore County Libraries.

Core Community Supporters

Libraries have always held pivotal roles in moving communities forward and helping them through difficult times. Whether nonprofits reach out to libraries for support or libraries offer help, important work gets accomplished whenever these partnerships occur.