How the Local Library Can Help You Pursue Your Career Ambitions

Have you taken advantage of your library's career building tools and resources?

Whether you’re looking to switch jobs or change your career path altogether, your library has you covered.

Let’s face it: COVID threw a wrench in many people’s business plans and has made it harder for people to get jobs. Without access to interview space or business education courses, many people find themselves at an impasse when it comes to finding a new line of work or starting a business of their own. 

Fortunately, libraries are here to help, and here’s how:

Access to Training Courses and Materials

To start, libraries have access to tons of resources. Internet access, training manuals, job databases, online licensing courses, and educational materials are all one click away at the local library. People looking for jobs or in need of educational materials to get their next license can find the resources they need for free at the library.


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Career Building Classes and Seminars

Libraries also offer free classes for growing career skills, like resume building, interview courses, language classes, and economics courses. Need some help understanding Microsoft Excel? Check to see if your library has any courses on the Microsoft Office Suite! Want to build a fantastic portfolio website? Look for weekly art courses to bulk up your portfolio.

Meeting Space

Another great way public libraries help businesses and job seekers alike is by simply existing. Public libraries create meeting spaces for job interviews, mock exams, and company discussions. Public spaces are vital for burgeoning companies and small businesses with limited space and resources. Having a quiet place to take interviews is also essential for people in busy households who need time (and the internet) to do so!


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Preparation Materials

Finally, your public library also offers resources to prepare for your job search or licensing exams. 

Resume Writing

Resume writing courses are great for people returning to the workforce who need help drafting a strong resume. Visitors can also ask librarians for help directly.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews with a business librarian or using a business database can help people prepare for a specific field’s interview questions.

License Exam Prep

Many different jobs require licenses, and libraries offer access to previous licensing exams, mock exams, and licensing courses for free.


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Need Help? Ask a Librarian!

If you have any questions, your librarian can help you find answers, too. Business librarians are experts on everything related to economics and business. They can help you find resources, access training materials from home, and build skills one-on-one if you’re not too keen on group classes.



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