How to Find a Makerspace Near You

Step one: call the library.

Makerspaces are communal places for learning and inventing. With resources like laser cutters, arts and crafts, and Legos, there’s something for everyone! These makerspaces foster a sense of community in your area and allow you to educate yourself on different skills.


How can you find a makerspace? It’s pretty easy! For starters, you can call your local library and ask if they have a makerspace. It can be hard to find out about these creative spaces online, so calling is the best confirmation. Chances are, your library will at least have accessible 3D printers and video equipment. Local colleges and university libraries are also great resources for finding makerspaces in your area. If your library doesn’t have a makerspace, they can help you find one. Best of all, your library probably offers makerspace services for free.

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Find Free Makerspaces

Another way to find makerspaces near you is by using the Makerspace Directory. Select “public library” to see a list of free creative spaces in your area! However, remember that the website may not have every makerspace listed. Thus, checking your local library to find the perfect makerspace that matches your interests is still the best option.