How to Work out of a Library (No Matter What Size Town You’re In)

How to Work out of a Library (No Matter What Size Town You’re In)

Whether your local library is in the heart of a big city or nestled in a small town, it is likely a great place to get some work done.

Libraries are open to all, they come equipped with wifi and business amenities that freelancers, independent professionals and entrepreneurs need, and they provide a quiet place to focus.

Here’s an overview of working out of your local library, no matter what size town you’re in:

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Libraries have Wifi

Regardless of your profession, chances are good that you need wifi access. From emails and social media to website development, graphic design and consultation, reliable wifi is a must-have. It has become a core part of library offerings around the world.

Workspace Variety

Some days you may want to work at a community table, while other days you may be heads-down and focused on a project or meeting with a client in a sitting area. Libraries offer a variety of workspaces, depending on what you need on any given day.

Reference Librarian

Reference librarians are one of the best-kept secrets in libraries. They are there to help you answer questions, get the information you need to further a project, find out which forms you need to fill out to get a business license, get data about local demographics and much more. Having this invaluable resource onsite at your workplace is a huge perk.

Computer Access

If you have a laptop, you can go into the library and start working. But even if you don’t, you can work out of the library. Most libraries offer public computers for library patrons to use. Ask at your local branch about any time limits they may have and how to schedule time on a computer.

Printer and Scanner

Even the most hardcore paper-free professional will need to print and/or scan something at some point. Libraries have printers, scanners and copiers on-hand so, whether you print a lot or a little, the library has you covered.

Work/Home Separation

If you’re a freelancer or independent professional, the line between work and home can get blurry. If you’re always in your home workplace, it’s hard not to always be working. Working out of a library lets you set work hours and better separate your work life and your home life.

Library Coworking

A growing number of coworking spaces offer coworking programming and even in-house coworking space. This lets freelancers, independent professionals and entrepreneurs work together and creates an informal professional network. If your local library offers coworking, give it a try.

Professional Development Programming

Libraries offer professional development programming, including workshops, presentations, skillshares and networking events. Check out the programming schedule in your local library and participate in any events that speak to you.

Meeting Rooms

At some point, you may need a meeting room to meet clients, give a presentation, pitch investors, or meet with your team. Your local library likely has meeting rooms, study rooms and event spaces available to library patrons.

In towns of all sizes, the local library can be a valuable resources for entrepreneurs and independent professionals. Visit your local branch to see what offerings can help you grow and strengthen your business.