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Help us support the Lafayette Library Campaign by making a donation today!

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Help Lafayette!

Help us support the Lafayette Library Campaign by making a donation today!

A group of local politicians is attempting to take $10 million dollars from the library (more than two-thirds of its reserve funds) through a "re-dedication levy" on the October 12th ballot. Even worse, they are lying to the voters about how much money the library has in order to fool them into voting to take the library's money. In the ballot language, they claim the library has $26 million dollars in reserve funds while it only has $15 million - and this money was for improvement projects for the library! Even more astounding is that those politicians don't even have plans to spend the money they took beyond vague promises to the voters.

The Lafayette Library System is being punished for being financially responsible. We need voters to Vote NO on this ballot measure to put a stop to this. Please donate today!

We have been supporting Lafayette's Vote No campaign in a big way - and we need your help to keep going. We're spending significant resources on this issue. Can you donate $20 to $50 dollars right away so we can keep supporting Lafayette and libraries in crisis like this?

We are standing with the Vote No committee in Lafayette Parish to defeat this terrible re-dedication levy. Election Day is October 12th, just a few days away. They have very limited resources and need help from people like you. Can you help us today with a donation of $25, $100 or even $500 to help us fight for libraries like Lafayette? 



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Caitlin Moen
Mary Ann Bernald
Adam Burke
Jeromy Wilson
John Roberts
Christopher Harris
Barbara Laub
Stephanie Beverage
Kara Vallow
Gladys Pilz
Betty Chrastka
Frank Biss
Donna Lanclos
Michaela Haberkern
Adam Beauchamp
Marilyn Doherty
Who's donating: from Huntersville, NC donated. Thank you!

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