Libraries: an Extension of Your Start-up

Libraries: an Extension of Your Start-up

Businesses at every stage — from ideation to launch to scale — can benefit from the resources at the public library and the expertise of librarians. Libraries give companies access to data, market research, testing and opportunities to scale. Librarians also have an extensive knowledge base to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


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Libraries are mobile and forward-thinking

Libraries have innovative resources, such as 3D printers and tablets, which can be leveraged during the product development cycle. Many of the resources you need can be accessed remotely from your office.

Research and Development

Access resources that otherwise would cost thousands of dollars, from Lexis Nexus and ReferenceUSA to Business Source Premier and Regional Business News.

• Check for patent and trademark information

• Gather competitive data and intelligence

• Develop your pitch deck for investors

• Research your supply chain, and financial and legal information

Librarians can serve as an extension of your staff and will help you harness the power of these resources to grow your business.

Data & Testing

Libraries can support product development and testing, including access to hardware and platforms in real-world conditions.

• Get your product in the hands of potential customers

• Convene a focus group or beta test

• Generate useful feedback that can be applied to the development process

Librarians want to support local businesses. They are there to help, and they are interested in your success.

Going to Market

The library is a showroom. Studies show, people are more likely to buy a product after first trying it at the library.

• Allow potential customers to experience your platform, product or service firsthand through the local library

• Conduct ongoing research and competitive analysis to continue innovation

Librarians are early-adopters and train late-cycle adopters (the public) every day on emerging technologies, platforms, apps, and innovations. Harness the power of these resources to grow your business.