Libraries and the Self-Taught Kid

Feed your child's desire to learn new things with resources from your neighborhood library.

A love of lifelong learning starts at the library.

As your children grow and start coming into their own, they’ll seek out knowledge on their own more and more. Though you can provide them with guidance and support as a parent, it’s important to let them teach themselves after a certain point. While letting your children go off on their own may seem concerning at first, the library provides a safe space and promotes self-learning in a number of ways.


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How-To Books

Children’s minds are like sponges, so they’ll take every opportunity they can to learn something new. The library is packed to the brim with information on a near-limitless number of subjects, so whether your child wants to learn more about a hobby or study for a school project, how-to books and textbooks will always be within reach. Rather than relying on you to answer all their questions and provide them with the know-how they need, you can instead teach your children to seek it out themselves and see what other interesting things they can find along the way.

Access to Educational Resources

Though we’ve already touched on textbooks, libraries offer far more than just books in the way of educational resources. Most libraries have access to a number of resources across different mediums, including printed books, quizzes, and even expansive online databases for homeschooled students. Access to all this information is an invaluable resource for any child, giving them the support they need to work through tough school assignments or simply answer their latest burning question, all completely autonomously.


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Ability to Join a Club

Each and every library is a community affair, and as a result, most of them tend to host events and form clubs for the regular attendees. These clubs are perfect for children of all ages and even for adults, giving like-minded people a chance to come together and discuss their interests. For children who love reading, a book club may be just the thing they need, giving them the opportunity to make countless new friends. Even if they aren’t a fan of reading, there are still plenty of groups for them to join that may revolve around a shared interest or study. Regardless of what groups they join and why, it’s a great chance for them to go off on their own and learn independently in a completely safe environment.

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