Libraries Have the Data You Need to Make Informed Decisions About Your Business

Libraries can help you with marketing analytics that will contribute to the success of your business.

Learning new skills can be overwhelming. Even more difficult if you’re a start-up business owner or entrepreneur. Data analytics tools are hard to use and financially inaccessible for small businesses. Thankfully, libraries are available to help your business grow with little to no effect on your budget! Libraries can help you with marketing analytics that will contribute to the success of your business.

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Data Analytics

Many businesses rely on marketing analytics to determine the success of their products or services. Unfortunately, these resources come with expensive price tags that small companies can’t afford. Fortunately, many libraries provide these data subscriptions to business owners for free. Analytics customarily accessible only to large corporations are now entirely affordable for small start-up businesses.

Business Centers

If you run a business, consider visiting your local librarians and asking about their resources. Some libraries have designated business centers devoted to supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. For example, the Cecil County Public Library in Maryland has a Business Information Center that assists librarians with research materials and free classes. Even if your library doesn’t have a designated business center, a librarian can help you find the resources you need.

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Entrepreneur Workshops

Librarians will sometimes host classes or workshops for people interested in starting their businesses. The Baltimore County Public Library in Maryland runs a program called “Entrepreneur Academy.” As the name suggests, this is a series of classes where patrons learn how to start their businesses, manage company finances, and market research. Keep an eye on your library’s schedule to find out if they run their business courses for local entrepreneurs!

Research Materials

Even if you’ve been an entrepreneur for some time, you’ll always have new things to learn. Are you learning new skills? Do you need to look up specific information related to your business? Your library can give you full access to these resources. Paywalls or subscriptions block many research databases on personal computers. However, libraries provide free access to these databases with a library card. Call your local library today to learn more.