Libraries Help Us Preserve Our COVID-Era Stories

Libraries Help Us Preserve Our COVID-Era Stories

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Preserving Important Materials

There’s plenty of information and media that libraries are interested in collecting and saving. In Cumberland County, a digital archive was developed to gather snippets of the daily lives of county residents. Cumberland County during COVID-19: Archiving History as it Happens was created using StoryMaps in ArcGIS. This platform is where they save digital submissions from the residents. They are encouraged to submit photos, videos, and stories related to their new routines which are then used to update the archive daily. There is even a map included on the archive site that shows people where all of the stories are coming from.

How to Contribute to COVID Archives

Those looking to get involved can easily do so. As mentioned before, institutions and organizations everywhere are trying to preserve as much as they can from this pandemic especially because they’ve realized the disadvantages of having limited information on major historical events. A quick internet search can pull up archive projects currently occurring at different universities, libraries, and museums. Plenty of locations are looking for contributions of COVID stories to help build their archives.

Evolving As We Go

These COVID archive projects have been ongoing for months with many reaching their one year mark. While the pandemic has been occurring for such a long time, it doesn’t mean that anything being submitted is now redundant. There have been many changes in what we’ve learned and how we’ve adapted during the pandemic. Countries that were able to battle through the first round are experiencing additional waves. There are different strains that have surfaced since the first Coronavirus case was first discovered. Some places are still doing a great job of keeping guidelines in place to prevent major outbreaks within their cities. The United States and many other places have seen a transition in power. All of these updates affect how life during the Coronavirus pandemic is for individuals all over the world.