Libraries Offer Teens the Opportunity to Complete Meaningful Volunteer Work

Teens develop professional skills and give back to their community when volunteering at their library.

Preparing for college is exciting, but the application process requires much hard work and community involvement. If you don’t plan to attend college after high school, volunteering a few hours outside school is an excellent way to develop essential career skills. Check out what your local library offers if you need volunteer hours.

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High School Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re a high schooler needing volunteer hours for college applications, there are plenty of opportunities at your local library! A library volunteer gig can be incredibly convenient for students who enjoy reading for pleasure.

Being a library volunteer tells admissions officers that you care about your community. It can also amplify skills unique to library duties, such as organization, customer service, and computer literacy.

Benefits of Volunteering at the Library

Volunteering at the library is fun, especially if you love to read! Your local librarians can write glowing letters of recommendation to support your college application. It’s also a volunteering position that requires a lot of interaction with your community. You may even have the chance to recommend your favorite books, run library programs, or promote upcoming events.