Make This the Year You Get Through Your TBR Pile

What's on your to-be-read-list?

It’s time to dust off that stack of books you’ve been meaning to read.

If you have a stack of books decorating your bedside table, a long list of unread titles waiting to be opened on your e-reader, or a mental list of books you’d like to read at some point, you might feel motivated to make a New Year’s resolution proclaiming this the year you conquer your TBR pile. 

If you love books, your physical or digital TBR (to-be-read) pile may grow faster than you can reasonably keep pace. However, as wonderful as it is to have an abundance of great books, it’s even more rewarding to actually read them. 

So, as the year progresses, how do you keep your reading resolution going strong? It may be easier than you think! Follow our helpful tips to keep you on track for finally getting through your TBR pile. 

Prioritize Your List of Books to Read

You may not know where to start with your TBR pile, especially if it’s large and overwhelming. While you could start at the top and work your way down, taking inventory of your books and sorting them into categories can give you a better perspective on which book to choose first and which books to hold off for the right season. For example, save the beach reads for the summer.

Make Reading Part of Your Daily Routine

What time of day do you enjoy reading and, even more importantly, have at least twenty minutes of uninterrupted time to read? Once you’ve found your ideal reading time each day, protect and nurture it by silencing your phone and getting comfortable. 

Also, keep your book with you for unexpected downtime, like waiting for an appointment. Even a few pages a day can add up quickly if it becomes a daily routine.


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Join a Book Club

Teaming up with other readers can help you stay accountable to your reading goals. By joining an in-person or virtual book club that includes selections from your TBR list, you’ll gain a timeline for finishing the book, which can do wonders for keeping you on track. Plus, you can look forward to discussing the book with fellow readers. 

Get Motivated with a Reading Challenge

Like a book club, signing up for a reading challenge can inspire you to stick to your reading routine. The structure of a reading challenge can help you select which book to choose off your to-be-read stack, track your progress, and add fun and excitement to your reading routine.

Listen to Audiobooks

Yes, audiobooks count as reading! And they can be a sneaky way to zoom through your TBR pile faster than you thought possible. You can easily fit in reading time by listening to audiobooks on your commute, at the gym, or on a walk.


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Visit Your Local Library

Instead of purchasing books you may not read, go to your local library for free access! Approximately a quarter of all reading in the United States can be attributed to a trip to the public library.

It’s easy to see why libraries are great resources for better reading experiences and reading more. Here, you can peruse books and read a few chapters to see if they interest you without committing to a purchase. Plus, librarian recommendations can help direct you to books you’ll enjoy and keep reading.

Celebrate Getting Through Your TBR Pile

As you follow these tips and make progress through your TBR pile, take time to appreciate reaching your reading goals. Even small wins count! 

Keep track of how much you’ve read in a journal or on a digital platform. Then, celebrate by sharing your success, buying a bookish item like a new mug, or simply basking in the rewarding glow of finishing a great book. 



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