Millennials Are the Answer for Libraries, But What Are the Questions?

Millennials Are the Answer for Libraries, But What Are the Questions?

Inspired by EveryLibrary’s short library survey (take it here), here are some questions I composed while thinking about the subject of Millennials and libraries (and a few other things). Feel free to answer them to yourself as you read, or highlight and respond. I’m always in for a good discussion. Enjoy the questions!

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What would a public library look like if it was invented today? Taking into account how current and future information landscapes fit into its purpose and mission.

Can we get Apple to install Hoopla and Libby on every iPhone they’re going to sell next year?

Will today’s 20–30-somethings value public libraries when they’re old enough to lose their dentures?

Dude, want to hear my killer idea? It’s like Netflix, but for books!

Are libraries containers of slow food, but for the mind? Should we call it “Slow Information”?

Do Millennials instantly recognize the worth of non-commercial community spaces like parks, impromptu performance art installations, and libraries?

When young people move to a new town where do they go? (put in order) the DMV, city hall, their slumlord’s party dungeon (only open on the first five days of the month), public library, chamber of commerce, supermarket, bar, Ikea, the bank.

Why is storytime at the library so well-attended by Millennials with kids?

Is it okay if those born between 1980 and the mid-1990s, and are experiencing homelessness and/or mental illness, use public libraries even though they may not pay property taxes?

What is the next information-seeking step for a Millennial who cannot find what they are looking for on the open web?

Do you have a vision of the ideal world? How can libraries help make that world more possible?

Should Millennial librarians be worried that androids will replace them in 15 years?

Is anyone doing definitive research on whether young people read books (not web pages, magazines, or text messages) more than they used to? Asking for a friend (note: The friend is the majority of library collections in the world). We need to know for sure.

Are library users better at identifying real news than non-users?

There are 83.1 million Millennials in the United States and 16,536 public library buildings. That means there are just over 5,000 Millennials for every one public library building. Do we really have enough libraries for all those snake people?