Need Guidance with Homeschooling Your Child? Turn to Your Library for Help!

From books to online resources to homeschooling groups, the library is a game changer for homeschooling families.

Libraries can support your homeschooling journey.

Let’s face it, homeschooling your children can be a struggle. While it allows you to ensure the quality of your children’s education, it comes with a number of unique and complex challenges to overcome. However, the solution to many of these challenges is much simpler than you would think, and best of all, it’s right under your nose: the local library. So, how can you use the library to promote a better learning experience for your children?

Move Lessons to the Library

Sometimes, all you need to do to get out of your slump is change up the scenery a bit. Of course, if you want to change your child’s learning environment without compromising the quality of their learning experience, there are few venues better than your local library. It’s easy to find places in the library for any learning style, whether that’s social group work or quiet, independent studying, allowing your child to find the perfect environment for their education journey.


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Find Homeschooling Groups

Chances are you’re not the only parent in your area with the idea to do homeschool lessons in the library. Many parents of homeschooled children choose to come to the library to enhance their child’s education, and typically, these parents find each other and form groups. One of the greatest weaknesses of homeschooling is that it doesn’t provide kids with the same social opportunities as a more conventional schooling environment. Homeschooling groups are the perfect way to prevent this from becoming an issue, providing your children with opportunities to meet other homeschooled children and giving you a chance to make friends with your fellow homeschooling parents. 

This is the ultimate purpose of any library: to give all people, children and adults alike, a chance to come together and learn more about each other and the world around them. If you and your children learn best in groups, pay a visit to your local library and see what you can find!

Attend Library Programs

In addition to allowing homeschooling groups to operate on their premises, many libraries host educational programs of their own. Library programs are held regularly, with different programs targeted at different age groups, so there’s learning to be done no matter your children’s age! There are classic read-aloud storytimes for younger kids, early adulthood prep classes for teens, and even financial literacy courses for adults needing a refresher. The library is meant to be a place where anyone can learn something new, and attending these programs is one of the best ways to do just that. And hey, while your kids are participating in a class, you may want to attend another to pick up a few new skills of your own!


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Use the Library’s Resources

Of course, when discussing a library’s educational uses, we can’t overlook its vast wealth of freely accessible resources. As long as you and your children have library cards, you have near-unlimited access to everything the library offers, from the most basic picture books to the most complex academic texts and everything in between. In addition to the wealth of printed resources, most libraries have a catalog of digital resources you can access, including several specifically designed for homeschooling.

These resources can be used to supplement your children’s lessons, allowing them to get the most out of their education while giving you new and interesting ideas for lessons. By doing this, you’ll create a better homeschooling experience for both you and your children, turning it into a fun and exciting time of learning rather than a struggle.

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