Planning a Working Vacation? The Library Can Help!

Public libraries are your office away from the office.

Planning remote work into your vacation doesn't have to be a hassle. 

Vacations are an exciting but potentially anxious time. There are many activities to look forward to and logistical plans before you embark on an adventure. You may need to answer a few emails or work while away. Thankfully, public libraries are great for remote workers lacking a quiet space. And the best news? Libraries are EVERYWHERE!

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Convenient Community Work Spaces

Libraries are convenient, work-oriented spaces. Public libraries commonly offer community study and workrooms. If libraries don’t have community rooms, they usually have designated quiet areas designed for remote workers and students. They also have reliable Wi-Fi, printers, scanners, fax machines, computer labs, research materials, and helpful staff. Libraries are also designed to be accessible, easily located, and often provide free parking. Not to mention that your kids will likely enjoy accompanying you if needed. 

Free Resources

Libraries provide a quiet and welcoming environment for remote workers. Best of all, most libraries offer their services for free. You may need to apply for a library card, but these rarely cost a penny. If you already have a laptop with you, you’ll need a Wi-Fi password from the local library. Otherwise, a library card can give you free access to their public computers, printers, miscellaneous office supplies, and more!

Did You Leave Your Laptop At Home? 

Don’t worry about bringing your laptop on the trip. Libraries have computers available. Working remotely can be very inconvenient if your job requires you to interact with printers and copy machines. Thankfully, many public libraries provide these resources for free as well! Libraries also give people complete access to expensive, subscription-based online resources at a very affordable price.

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Planning Your Vacation

Additionally, visiting the library is a fantastic opportunity to plan your vacation. Instead of buying travel books, consider borrowing a few from your local library. These can help you discover information about your location’s go-to destinations, the best places to eat, and any additional logistics you need to figure out.

Recreational Opportunities

Libraries offer community members much more than quiet workspaces. If you need to take a 10-minute break from work, what better way to spend your time than browsing bookshelves?