Prepare Your Child for School Using the Library

Preschool and kindergarten readiness is a challenge, but the library can help.

Preschool and kindergarten readiness is a challenge, but the library can help. 

Your local library is available to support you and your child during their transition into school. It’s understandable if you want to ensure they feel confident going into a school setting. Utilizing resources at your local library can help your child prepare for these new experiences.

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School Practice

Regularly taking your children to the library can prepare them for preschool and kindergarten. Storytimes and summer reading programs can increase cognitive development. Participating in storytimes also allows children to experience a setting resembling a classroom. By joining other children in listening to a story and joining in the games, songs, and crafts that the librarians have prepared, your child will grow comfortable with the feel of being a part of a class. They will also have the opportunity to engage with other children their age in a unique social setting.

Skill Development

Reading is a life skill that encompasses topics your children will encounter throughout their life. What better way to nurture their literacy skills than by bringing them to a place devoted to reading? Books can enhance literacy skills like critical thinking, writing, and language.

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Get a Jumpstart on Reading

Your children will need to read for all school subjects, regardless of whether it’s focused on literature. Children who consistently read are more likely to succeed in school. They can learn and get a jumpstart on reading fundamentals by interacting with their local library.

Librarian Support

Librarians are skilled at providing parents with resources to help their children prepare for school. Visit the children’s room at your local library today to talk to a librarian about the steps you can take to prepare your child for school using your local library.