Stories about Impressive Librarians

Librarians pour their hearts and souls into their jobs, and these patrons will always remember their efforts.

Thoughtful gestures can make a difference in the lives of library patrons.

Librarians play an invaluable and integral role in our society, but how exactly? We know how much libraries and those who run them have done for us, but we wanted to get a better sense of perspective on the matter. A while ago, sometime around March, we made a post on our Facebook page with a story from a popular author about how librarians had helped him, and many of you shared stories of your own. Let’s take a look at how everyday librarians have shaped and improved the lives of everyday people.

For the Holidays

Have you ever woken up on Thanksgiving morning only to realize you don’t have a recipe prepared? One of our commenters found themselves in that situation, and with it being Thanksgiving, they couldn’t exactly go out and buy a premade dessert. Instead, they called up their local library, where the librarian read out a Thanksgiving pie recipe, word for word, insisting on reading every last line so that the commenter’s pie came out just right. They’ve remembered that librarian’s kindness ever since.


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The Next Generation

School librarians play an incredibly important role in the intellectual and emotional development of the next generation, our children. Though they could simply stop at providing books and keeping them organized, very few are content to just sit on their laurels. Instead, they go out of their way to make reading fun for kids, creating a memorable learning experience.

One of our commenters reminisced on their own grade school librarian, who did everything she could to give her students the reading experience they deserved. The reader remembered that she had memorized each of her students’ grade levels and would give each of them recommendations to suit their respective reading levels and interests. Her students still remember her actions to this day, which were most likely responsible for a lifetime love of reading in several of her students.


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A Teacher’s Perspective

A former school teacher noted a similar phenomenon among their middle school students’ experiences with the school librarian. Middle schoolers, in their experience, tended to be reluctant readers, but the school librarian made a point of offering a robust selection of books and magazines that would appeal to their interests. Thus, a library that would have otherwise been empty had become a place for students to relax and decompress from the hustle and bustle, curled up with a good book.

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