They're coming for your public library (updated)

They aren't stopping with Llano County, Texas or the state of Missouri. They'll be coming for your public library next.

Michigan. Illinois. Missouri. Wyoming. Arkansas. Texas. Louisiana. Washington. Alabama. Virginia. 

And now, Ohio.


We have seen the march of book bannings turn into a movement to defund public libraries entirely.

Many politicians and far-right groups are attempting to deny your freedom to simply check out a book by defunding libraries over books and programs, and they are coming for your library next.


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It is not a hollow threat. We have seen this in several states already and we are even seeing at the local level.

Columbia County in Washington where someone digitally altered photographs to build support for de-funding the library.

Samuels Public Library in Front Royal, Virginia, has been the target of a book banning campaign that turned to de-funding threats.

Dale County Library in Alabama where the mayor exchanged text messages about burning books with a board member.

Missouri battled an effort to stop its public library system from being de-funded statewide.

The town of Patmos, Michigan, lost its libraries in similar retaliatory disputes over book bans.

Craigshead-Jonesboro in Arkansas cut the funding for its library in half in retaliation for not banning books.


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When these politicians are not allowed to ban the books, they shut down the public libraries.

Much of the focus in this debate has been on school libraries.

However, the events in Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Wyoming, Arkansas, Texas, Washington. Alabama. Virginia, Louisiana, and Ohio make it clear these forces will not stop at school libraries.

They want public libraries to close completely unless they comply with politically motivated book bans.

Yours could be next.


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This is their goal: to close your library and eliminate the critical services it offers to your community.

Please donate here to help stop this assault on libraries and the liberty to choose what you want to read.

This is their goal. To close your library down and take away the critical services they offer to your community.

We need to act. Your library could be next.

Please donate here to help stop this assault on libraries and the liberty to choose what you want to read.