Things to Think about during Civic Learning Week

How sharp is your civic knowledge?

Exploring the importance of engaged citizenship is the primary goal of Civic Learning Week. 

Civic Learning Week is fast approaching, so it’s worth knowing how to participate and what to think about going into it. It’s held in mid-March each year and is designed to educate students and adults on the many things that keep America up and running.

The initiative has a little something for everyone, with events targeted toward students, educators, and community members alike. Each event is designed to promote a greater understanding of our democracy and teach attendees how to play a more active role in said democracy.


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The topics of each event vary widely, so if you choose to participate, you’re practically guaranteed to find something interesting. A few examples from this year’s schedule include debunking myths about the Constitution, discussing the state of American social studies education today, and a lecture on the importance of media literacy.

The information in each event is intended to be timely, useful, and applicable to your everyday life as an American citizen, regardless of your station, origin, or social class. Simply put, it’s a week designed to bring us all together in our shared identity as Americans. We encourage you and your family to participate and feel you’ll enjoy yourself and come away better informed than ever.


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