This what book banners don't want us to know

You have the power to stop book-ban campaigns of hate and division in their tracks.

You have the power to stop book-ban campaigns of hate and division in their tracks.

When one woman tried to ban a book about acceptance and love, her community fought back.

"A Place Inside Me," by Zetta Elliott, is a young reader's book about standing up to racism through unity, self-acceptance, and loving-kindness—but one extremist decided that no child should be allowed to read it.

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As one local student at a school board hearing for "A Place Inside Me" summed up with flare: "I'm 17 years old, and I shouldn't have to stand up here on a Tuesday night pleading for books in schools against adults that are acting like children."

Disturbingly, similar attacks on libraries have become commonplace—extremists have raised millions of dollars to push through legislation that would incarcerate librarians just for providing books that promote love and kindness to children.

But you can join the fight alongside the 75% of Americans who disagree with book bans and keep these fringe groups from telling you what your child can read by joining EveryLibrary's campaign to protect your right to free speech.

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"A Place Inside Me" wraps up with the lines: "there is a love inside of me... I am in love with my people, all people, plus trees, sparrows, sunlight, & the rain that falls like a blessing from above," but this is precisely the message these extremist groups are afraid of and don't want us to hear.

These book-ban agitators are afraid you will see through their lies because you have the power to stop their campaign of hate and division in its tracks.  

By Odin Halvorson