What do Trees, Goblins, Seahorses, and Crayons All Have in Common?

And just when we thought the book banners couldn't detach themselves further from reality.

What do trees, goblins, seahorses, and crayons all have in common?

Book banners think they're all too sexy.



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And just when we thought the book banners couldn't detach themselves further from reality.


They now want a book banned because the storyline includes a monoecious red oak—a tree with both male and female reproductive parts.

(Many species of trees are monoecious)

Moms for Liberty also recently forced a school district to draw clothing on the goblin in the book "Unicorns are the Worst," because, of course, cartoon goblin butts are too sexy.

You might remember, they also wanted science books about seahorses banned for being too sexy because the seahorses intertwined their tails. 

And of course, books about crayons were in their sights because the crayon is missing its wrapper in the book, "The Day the Crayons Quit." If you're being turned on by a wrapper less crayon...

At this point, it's almost too absurd to take them seriously.

And we wouldn't if there weren't real world consequences.


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