Use Your Library’s Meeting Room

Are you hosting client meetings? Forming a club or study group? Organizing a committee meeting? Do you need a free, convenient place to meet?

If you take some time to explore your local library, you’ll find that many have well-equipped community spaces. Library meeting rooms are often free to use. Here’s what you need to know about meeting rooms and how to make reservations to use one at your local library.

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Wait. Libraries Have Free Meeting Rooms?

Library meeting rooms or community rooms are rentable work spaces for community members. Most libraries have these rooms, whether you’re a small business owner needing meeting space or a club leader. Reservation requirements depend on the library, but most are free to use for library card holders. Some libraries may ask for an inexpensive fee before using their meeting rooms. However, comparing costs at coffee shops or restaurants, library meeting rooms are more affordable.

Uses for Library Meeting Rooms

As long as they are used respectfully, anyone can use meeting rooms for a wide variety of community needs. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can utilize meeting rooms if they don’t have a permanent office location. Students of all ages can use meeting rooms for study groups or if they need a quiet place to work. Clubs and groups can even use meeting rooms for activities. Are they hosting a book club? Need space for a chess club meeting? Your library meeting room has the area you need to enjoy your activities fully!

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Meeting Room Regulations

While they are community spaces, treating these shared spaces with respect is essential for the courtesy of other community members and librarians. For example, the Manhattan Public Library in Kansas has specific meeting room regulations. Any meetings or events must be accessible and can’t interfere with the library’s everyday activities.

Make a Reservation Today

Most libraries have a helpful area on their website devoted to meeting rooms. These can provide important information about the meeting rooms, their regulations, and what you need to make reservations. For example, the Cobb County Public Library System lets patrons know which meeting rooms are available. Patrons must fill out a simple reservation form before using a meeting room.