Want to Be a Content Creator? Here’s How the Library Can Help You Get Started

Whether you want to create a successful YouTube channel, podcast, or blog, your library has the resources you need.

 Your local library has the tools and educational resources you need to create digital content for your budding business.

Though many of us have had pipe dreams of becoming famous creatives throughout our childhood, until the past ten or fifteen years, it was largely just a fantasy. But now, the rapid growth of content creator and influencer careers has made this dream far more accessible to everyday people.

The internet has made it easier than ever to start a career in content creation, giving anyone and everyone a platform to share their hobbies, interests, business ventures, and anything else in between. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy. There’s a lot that goes into starting your career as a content creator, so it’s important to use the resources available to you. Take the library, for example. . . .

Offsetting the Upfront Cost

One of the greatest obstacles to any aspiring content creator is the initial cost. Producing professional-level content requires professional equipment and facilities that most people simply can’t access.

Some libraries have recording studios fully stocked with equipment and software patrons can use. This is great for people interested in content creation who simply can’t afford to start on their own, as well as those who may be interested but want to give it a shot before investing any money into the endeavor. Be sure to research beforehand to see if your local library has these facilities available, and assuming they do, feel free to try them out! 


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Educational Resources to Develop Your Skills

There’s more that goes into being a successful full-time content creator than simply making high-quality content, though. Quality content is essential, of course, but it’s just as important, if not more important, to understand how to get that content out into the world.

If you’re just posting your content randomly without planning or forethought, algorithms have far less chance of picking up on it and promoting it to others. This often means that excellent content flies completely under the radar, leaving novice creators frustrated without any idea why they aren’t getting results.

Of course, the library has how-to books and tutorials for just about any subject you can imagine, including content creation. Before you actually start uploading any content, be sure to hit the books and gain a better understanding of the platforms you plan to post to, their main audiences, and how to find an audience of your own. Using that information, you can carefully craft the perfect content plan to help you meet your goals and ensure that your content reaches the people who want to see it.


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Programs for Content Creators

Whether you’re unsure where to start with content creation or you’re a seasoned creator looking to meet other creators like yourself, the library is the perfect place to gather. Many libraries host programs specifically for rising creatives and content creators to have a platform, interact with fellow creatives, and get their name out into the world. 

Some librarians have also dipped their toes into the waters of content creation themselves, with the rise of trends like LibraryTok putting the spotlight on public libraries like the Sewickley Public Library. These libraries have a content creation platform of their own, and the experience of their librarians is an invaluable resource for any up-and-coming content creators out there.

If you’re a content creator, we strongly recommend visiting your local library to see what they have in store. Chances are, you’ll find something interesting to help you along in your career.

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