What is a Digital Library?

You are missing out if you aren't using your library's free digital resources. Call your librarian today to ask how you can make the most of free ebooks, audiobooks, movies, and more!

Many libraries offer a collection of digital resources alongside their physical materials. Ask your librarians how you can use physical and digital copies of books in their collection. Many libraries will even help you get set up to access digital resources if you bring them on your phone or tablet!

Your donations help support libraries across the country. 


Libby is a free app by OverDrive that allows users to obtain digital copies of ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines through their local library. Everything is completely free. All you’ll need is a library card. Libby allows you to listen to your library’s digital materials on your phone or tablet. Apps like Libby are also an excellent option for people who don’t have time to visit the library in person.


Like Libby, Hoopla is a cloud-based digital library collection that allows users to stream movies, audiobooks, TV shows, and music. It requires a public library membership, but everything is free. Hoopla will enable you to stream 10,000 videos and 250,000 albums by simply owning a library card, and the service continues to add more to its site.