10 Ways to Support Your Local Library on Library Lover’s Month

How do you show some love to your library?

Show some love to your library in February and all year long with these tips.

Every February is Library Lover’s Month, meaning book nerds everywhere get to celebrate! Now more than ever, local libraries need your support—show your librarians some love this February with these ten ways to help out your local library!

1. Visit Your Local Library

The best thing you can do to support your library is to show up. Libraries are for more than just books—they have free computers, wifi, and printing resources that visitors can use as they need. Just showing up at your local library is a great way to show that it means something to you!

2. Attend Library Events

Attending free library events, especially ones hosted by queer authors or speakers, is another great way to support your library and marginalized creators.

3. Donate!

Donating books, movies, video games, and cash to your library is one of the most direct ways to support them and expand their catalog.

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4. Check Out Audiobooks

Libraries have audiobooks! If you can’t donate, show your library that audiobooks matter too by checking them out—an increase in demand will give your library reasons to add more audiobooks to their collection!

5. Buy Books at Library Book Sales

Libraries sometimes sell old books at book sales, which also helps raise funds for the facility. If you’re looking for a specific book, check out a book sale—you might be surprised by what you find!

6. Speak Out Against Book Bans

With the current political climate and the vast number of book bans happening across America, speaking out against them is essential to keep our libraries free. When you can, speak out against them—attend a protest or event to help raise awareness for your library.

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7. Check Out Banned Books

By checking out banned books from your library, you’re not only providing the library with a reason to keep the books in circulation, but you’re also allowing yourself to find out why a book was banned in the first place.

8. Volunteer

Libraries can always use a little extra help. Support your local library by volunteering, hosting an event to teach a new skill, or reading to kids on the weekends.

9. Vote!

The best way to ensure legislative change is to vote. Voting for people who support libraries and removing book bans at both a local and state level will ensure that your library stays free.

10. Stay Educated

The best thing we can do in the face of book bans and library struggles is to stay educated. Learn what your library does for you and why banned books are essential for people to read. Then, share this information with your loved ones.

Remember, your local library is here for you!

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