Beyond Cool Math Games: Games and Other Free Online Learning Tools at Your Library

There's no need to pay for subscriptions to kids' educational game sites when your library offers complimentary access!

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When most kids are asked to engage in online activities at school, Cool Math Games is usually the first site they pull up. While Cool Math Games certainly has a lot to offer, there are many other kid-friendly websites that are both educational and entertaining. Unfortunately, some of these resources aren’t always accessible to every family due to paywalls or lack of wifi. Visiting your local public library gives you complete access to all of these online resources for free! Here are some kid-oriented websites that you can access at most public libraries. 


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If your children are fans of shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Dinosaur Train, or Curious George, they’ll love interacting with their favorite characters through this educational site. PBS KIDS offers a wide range of games and activities for children to interact with on their site, with many revolving around their TV shows. They also include a helpful sibling site that’s specifically for parents. This includes parenting tips, watch guides on their TV shows, and activity ideas within their blog. 


ABCmouse is an early learning digital resource with lessons and educational activities tailor-made for specific age groups. The program goes all the way up to second grade, and then children may choose to branch off to Adventure Academy, designed for ages eight through thirteen. While these programs are extensive and helpful, they’re blocked by a paywall that may be inaccessible to some. Thankfully, your local library will give you complete access to its resources for free!


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Smithsonian for Kids

You’re likely familiar with the Smithsonian Museum, but you may be surprised to hear that they have an online site for kids. This educational and fascinating resource allows children to become “scientists” by solving puzzles, exploring photographs, and deciphering documents. The Smithsonian for Kids page also includes a blog guiding young people through STEM-related projects along with a plethora of fun facts they might find interesting. If you have a child interested in science, they may greatly enjoy this website!


Created for children in pre-K through eighth grade, this site has featured many educational activities since 1997. Funbrain includes hundreds of games, comics, books, and developmental videos. These often focus on specific subjects that help children enhance their reading, math, literacy, and problem-solving skills. Children can interact with the site to fit their specific age group, making it feel personalized to their interests and skill levels. 



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