California Libraries Help Learners of All Ages with Brainfuse

Need tutoring? Try Brainfuse for free through your library!

Free online tutoring can be a game changer for struggling students.

California State Library is passionate about ensuring everyone gets an equal opportunity for education along with whatever resources they need to achieve one. That’s why the system launched a new initiative in September 2022 called Brainfuse HelpNow.

Brainfuse is accessible through the Brainfuse website for library patrons at no cost to them (it’s funded by the state of California). The site is available 24/7 and includes resources for the very youngest learners to the oldest. No one has to be registered in a school to be eligible; they just have to want to learn. If they don’t have a computer at home, they can visit a California State Library for free access.


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The help comes in the form of online tutors to help with anything from math, science, reading and writing, and social studies, as well as various standardized test prep. For students in the school systems, it’s vital to know that these tutors are familiar with the state’s curriculum and educational standards and tutor based on that, so it aligns overall with the educational system. There’s also a 24-hour writing lab where budding writers can get feedback on their work and an adult learning center that offers help with GED preparation and professional assistance for resume and cover letter writing, U.S. citizenship requirements, and various computer skills. The site offers Spanish-speaking support.

“With historic investments to give the youngest Californians a strong start in life, enrich our schools and expand supports like tutoring, we’re building on our commitment to create more opportunities for every child in our state to thrive,” said Governor Gavin Newsom at the time of Brainfuse’s launch.

Since its launch in the fall of 2022, more than 1.3 million people have visited the site, and post-visit surveys find excitement about the offerings.

“Great tutor, he really put the effort to help me understand the concepts because I’m dyslexic, sometimes things don’t click right away, but this tutor took the effort to explain to me and even wrote examples to help me out. 10/10”


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“I was about to pay for an online tutoring service until my mom asked me to try and use this website to get help with an English assignment I didn’t understand. I was curious to see if this free resource could help me. … I got paired with a person in a few minutes. The tutor asked me what I needed help with. I needed help with reading an article and answering some questions. This person helped me by asking me questions about the article, making sure that I would be doing the work. I love how there is an online whiteboard. The tutor helped me understand what the article is about and gave some great tips to help me write. I was able to finish the questions and got better understanding of the article. The tutor asked great questions and responded quickly. I will use this whenever I need help!”

“Thank you so, so very much from the bottom of my heart. I have 3 daughters and I was crying my heart out about how to help them with the math that is even hard for me… I wish I knew earlier! Thank you to those who made the decision to bring this service for the parents! My daughter liked it too!”

Yet another example of libraries striving to not only understand the needs of their communities, but to find practical, useful — and affordable — solutions for them.



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