Cool Math Games to Strengthen Your Kids’ Skills over Summer Break

Has your child tried these fun online math games?

Learning over the summer can be fun when you know where to find the best online educational games.

We’ve written several articles about the so-called “summer slide” before, but it’s no less of a concern this year than in years past. Every year, children across the country lose some of their acquired skills during the three-month summer break, making going back to school in August all the more difficult. If you want to save your kids from the summer slide, try introducing them to the countless cool math games available through the local library!

Math Games and Their Importance

Kids, especially younger kids, don’t only learn through lectures and note-taking—they also learn through doing and playing. While the summer break can (and should!) be an escape from the tedium of the school year, it doesn’t have to be a break from learning altogether. Libraries offer free internet access and a variety of math games for kids to play so they can maintain and hone their math skills while having a great time doing it.


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Our Favorite Educational Game Sites

Of course, if you want your kids to enjoy the benefits of educational online games, you must know where to find them. Fortunately, we at EveryLibrary have a few favorites.


ABCya is a site that features educational and fun games. We love its age-grouping feature that allows you to narrow your game search to your child’s academic needs. While they have your standard, purely educational games on one end and purely fun games on the other, there’s a bigger grey area than you might think.

Many games that seem like they’re just for fun actually teach your kiddo advanced problem-solving skills, so let them enjoy themselves and see what new skills they learn!

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math has all the trappings of a standard Japanese role-playing game (JRPG), from its charming pixel art to its adorable pets and monsters, but it also manages to be one of the best math games for kids we’ve come across in some time. While your kiddos have fun immersing themselves in a Pokémon-esque world, they’ll also learn simple and advanced math skills alike.


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Starfall is the perfect learning game site for children of all ages and levels of academic proficiency. None of the games rely on timing or reflexes, and they feature several modes of communication, so children with disabilities like dyslexia can learn to read in a much less intimidating way.

Math Playground

Math Playground covers a wide range of math and logic puzzles for kids ages five through twelve. Its concepts range from basic arithmetic to tougher pre-algebra and teach some critical thinking and logic concepts that wouldn’t normally be taught in school. Though some of the more advanced games may go over your child’s head at first, they’re sure to have fun with Math Playground.

If you’d like to learn more about the summer activities that you and your family can participate in at the library, check out the stories on our Families and Lifestyle feature pages today!



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