EveryLibrary Has Been in the News!

EveryLibrary has been busy! See what we've been up to in the fight against library budget cuts, censorship, and book banning.

EveryLibrary is dedicated to advocating for accessibility, the freedom to read, and the preservation of library resources.

EveryLibrary has been in the news a lot lately—check out the latest our latest mentions to see how we’ve been helping out libraries everywhere:

“EveryLibrary Turns 10” | Information Today – NewsBreaks | January 5, 2023 

This NewsBreaks article congratulates us on our tenth birthday with a shout-out and a summary of what we’ve done to help make reading more accessible over the past decade. 

“Public Library Budgets Are Being Slashed. Police Have More Cash Than Ever” | Vice | January 12, 2023

This Vice article details the correlation between library funds and police funds and how now more than ever, cities are cutting library resources in favor of police spending.

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“Are Book Bans Discrimination? Biden Administration to Test New Legal Theory” | The Washington Post | January 13, 2023 

The Biden administration opens up a new avenue of accessibility, questioning: Does limiting access to reading materials count as a Title IX violation? 

“The Week in Libraries: January 20, 2023” | Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly starts their summary of the new year with alarming news about book banning legislatures. We weigh in with resources to help advocates fight against these legislative decisions on a local, state, and national level.

“Students Want New Books. Thanks to Restrictions, Librarians Can’t Buy Them.” | The Washington Post | January 22, 2023

The Washington Post features our study on library funding and how students enjoy reading—libraries just don’t have the budget to meet their needs.

“School Librarians Vilified as ‘The Arm of Satan’ in Book-Banning Wars” | LA Times/MSN | January 27, 2023

The LA Times details the story of a school librarian who watched her reputation change overnight in legislative wars surrounding book bans. Her case isn’t unique either—a very small, vocal minority has been fighting to get books off school and public library shelves for years.

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“Kids’ Disinterest In Libraries Has Nothing To Do With A Manga Shortage” | The Federalist | February 3, 2023

​​This conservative op-ed mentions EveryLibrary Executive Director John Chrastka’s quote about how libraries lack funding for new books, including comics. According to him, stocking up on students’ requests for the latest comic books and manga may encourage self-directed reading, which correlates with “individual reading success.”

“Liberal Groups Fight to Keep Obscene Materials in Schools” | The Maine Wire | February 14, 2023

Breaking news: Being queer is bad, according to these supporters of a Maine bill that attempts to ban “pornographic” content in school libraries. 

“The Week in Libraries: February 17, 2023” | Publishers Weekly

The February 17th edition of “The Week in Libraries” features updates on our fight against book bans alongside PEN America and Book Riot.

“National Wave of Curriculum Bills Fails Both Students and American History” | The Hill

The Hill details how the push for recent book banning legislation lets instructors spoon-feed history to students, allowing them to exclude topics deemed “inappropriate.” They continue by explaining how these proposed bills can damage students in primarily conservative states.

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