Free Museum Passes at the Library

Did you know that your library card may give you access to events and attractions free of charge?

Did you know that your library card may give you access to events and attractions free of charge?

Libraries provide more than books. Your local library may offer museum passes or discounted admission to recreational activities. Here is everything you need to know about this convenient service.

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Community Tickets and Passes

Many people don’t realize that specific libraries offer free or discounted passes to museums, free passes to local and state parks, and other forms of recreation. To find out if your library provides unique recreational opportunities, glance at their website or give them a call.

Libraries give patrons a fantastic opportunity to explore local learning centers. It’s a collaborative initiative between educational outlets. Find out your local library offers free museum passes.

There are many examples of libraries providing these services. The public library system of the Twin Cities in Minnesota has a smART pass program. Users are given free and discounted tickets to local theater and music concerts. Zoo Atlanta and Georgia Public Library Service have a partnership that offers free admission to the zoo. California bibliophiles now have free access to all of California’s state parks using their library cards. Some libraries offer free skiing passes.

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Locals Only? Call the Local Library When Planning a Trip

Many libraries near tourist destinations offer discounted or free passes to everyone, not just locals with library cards. When planning your next vacation, give the local library a call to see if they offer any perks to visitors.

Finding Free Passes Near You

Call your library to determine if they offer free passes to specific activities. Ensure that you pay attention to the fine print if specific programs require detailed instructions or your libraries provide passes at a discounted rate.