Health Information You Can Trust

Another insightful article by our international correspondent Paula, Librarian at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Weston-super-Mare, UK.

  • Translated patient information (into languages other than English)
  • Long Covid — specialist clinics have been established in the UK, including one in Somerset, and part of our work has been to keep the clinicians notified of new developments via a semi-regular alert
  • Kidney Health — this is one of the most common conditions that physicians around the world encounter and need to help patients manage
  • Media Literacy — along with health literacy, this is a major theme in healthcare information in the UK — how do you know whether you can trust what you see on TV or in the papers?
  • Heart Healthy — like Kidney Conditions, Heart Conditions are all too common in such a high proportion of the world’s population
  • Arthritis — this long-standing (chronic) condition affects a high percentage of individuals

The themes were intended as guidance, not directives, but they provided a very useful framework. The National Team had put together a very informative website, including an “ideas bank” if we were short on time. As none of us has ever yet met a librarian who wasn’t short on time, we made sure we took a good look at the suggested activities and then cherry-picked the ones that we thought would have the highest impact and be most appropriate for our target audience.