How School Libraries Help Students Prep for Finals

Are you taking advantage of your school library's study resources?

Find the support you need for exam season at your school library.

With exams coming up, getting lost in the stress of preparation is easy. SATs, ACTs, entrance exams, and finals are all incredibly stressful for students—here’s how school libraries can help reduce that stress:

Providing Quiet Spaces to Study

Libraries are quiet spaces for people to sit and read, making them excellent places to study if you need some peace and quiet. For students without access to a quiet, private space, the school library is perfect for relaxing and studying without interruptions. Library computer labs are also always available for students to use to access online study tools!

What Is a Study Room?

Many school libraries have study rooms: small spaces students can book as quiet, private studying areas. Study rooms are usually big enough to fit a desk and chair, and students can close the door to create a relatively soundproof area where they can watch videos and listen to music while studying. Some students also use these rooms for homework!


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Hosting Study Sessions

During college exam season, many schools offer group study sessions. Check to see if your high school offers exam prep sessions at the library. Teachers often host these sessions and can cover SAT prep, ACT prep, and AP exam prep. They’re certainly worth looking into!

Access to Exam Databases

One of the best ways a school library helps students prepare for exams is by providing access to study tools and databases. With access to a computer lab or simply by logging in through your phone, school libraries give students access to previous exams. That way, students can take these exams as practice tests or review the questions to study the language of each exam.


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Providing SAT/ACT Prep Books

In addition, school libraries often have licensed study resources too. Students can use their school account to access the library’s subscriptions to SAT and ACT prep books, exam prep services, and digital encyclopedias.


Libraries aren’t just for studying. Recently, millions of schools have hopped on the “destress for finals” train and now offer guided relaxation sessions for students, casual parties with free food, and even therapy dogs!



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