How the Library Can Help You Change Careers

When you're ready to switch fields, check out your library's job search resources.

There’s no better place to start your next job search than the library.

Libraries have much more to offer than you might think! Yes, libraries provide access to millions of books, audiobooks, movies, and other media—but they also have community resources that you may have never thought about.

For job seekers, the library is an amazing resource. Public libraries offer a plethora of digital and print materials, as well as support to help you broaden your professional horizons. Today’s careers require adaptability and continuous learning, and libraries can equip their patrons with the necessary skills and resources to excel.


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Career Prep Databases

One major way libraries can help with a career transition is by providing access to career preparation databases. These databases host a wealth of information on various industries, job roles, and skill requirements.

From understanding industry trends to exploring in-demand skills, these databases can guide you toward a career that matches your skills and needs. They empower individuals to research potential career paths and identify suitable opportunities. 

Jobseeking Resources

Libraries curate resource lists tailored specifically for job seekers. These lists feature a carefully selected array of books, articles, and online resources covering topics such as resume writing, cover letter crafting, and effective job search strategies.

By providing curated content, libraries streamline the often overwhelming process of sifting through vast amounts of information. They give you access to high-quality resources that directly address your needs.


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Interview and Networking Workshops

Libraries offer workshops and seminars focused on enhancing employment interviewing and networking skills. These sessions provide practical guidance on navigating interviews, from preparing strong responses to common interview questions and answers to mastering the art of professional networking.

When you prepare by practicing great interview questions, you can confidently present yourself to prospective employers and establish valuable connections within your desired industries.

Civil Service Guides

Libraries recognize the importance of civil service jobs and provide study guides and practice exams to assist aspiring candidates. If you are seeking a role in government agencies or public institutions, access to comprehensive study materials can significantly increase your chances of success.

By offering resources tailored to civil service exams, libraries level the playing field and enable individuals from any background to pursue career opportunities in the public sector.

Public libraries play a critical role in supporting career changes. The range of resources and services they offer are available to anyone and are almost always free or very low-cost. Using the library’s resources is a great way to navigate your career transition and find opportunities for professional growth. 



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