How to Run for a School Board

Get involved with your local school board to help shape your district’s policies for the better.

Interested in running for your school board but don’t know where to start? We can give you the basic information to help you begin the journey. It’s absolutely possible for you to take on a role within your school district if you’re interested in getting involved. Here are some general tips on how to run for a school board. 



Figure Out Logistics

Before running for your school board, make sure you brainstorm through the entire process. Think about the who, what, where, and why. Take notes about any important details to be aware of, such as who’s presently on the school board, when the next school board election will take place, and if there are any partisan groups that particularly support certain candidates. You should also get to know any current school board members, their jurisdictions, and whether they’re seeking re-election. 


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Determine Your Reasoning

Think about why you’re running for a seat on your school board. Start writing down all of the observations you’ve made about your family’s school district and what you’d like to see in the future. What are they currently doing well? What are areas of improvement? Do you have potential solutions for those enhancements? Remember that it’s a lot easier to come up with areas of growth than it is to discover resolutions to those problems. You’ll need to clearly state how you plan to address these concerns to capture the attention of voters. 

Do Your Research

Once you’ve formally decided to initiate a campaign, thoroughly research the previous school board election or any others that came before it. Look into how many candidates campaigned for each school, along with the amount of money they raised to support their cause. You should research how much money they spent by the end of their campaign to determine your projected budget. Finally, discover how many votes each candidate received to further develop your campaign strategy. 


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Prepare Your Campaign

Once you’ve completed your fact-finding, the real work begins. Start developing your campaign plan by spreading the word to your closest friends and family. You should also start attending school board meetings in person to get an idea of what the role will look like. While you don’t need to be a complete expert, you should at least research basic information about your school district, such as its number of students and employees. Finally, thoroughly establish your message. After all, your voice will be the reason voters choose to add you to the board!



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