Immigration Process Resources at the Library

Your public library can help you prepare for the US citizenship test.

You’ll find plenty of support for your journey to becoming a US citizen at your local library.

You may already get books, movies, and other materials from your local library, but did you know they also have resources to help with the immigration process? 

From classes to study materials, there’s a broad range of immigration resources that can help immigrants in the community adjust to life in the States and prepare for the US citizenship test. If you’re unsure where to start, here are a few popular resources you can ask your local library staff about.


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English Language Classes and Workshops

Many libraries offer regularly recurring classes and workshops to help people learn the English language. These may include formal courses taught by an ESL instructor, book clubs where the book is available in multiple languages, and workshops where native English speakers volunteer as conversation partners to help immigrants improve their fluency. Check your library’s calendar to see what options they have available in the coming weeks.

Language Learning App Access

Many libraries subscribe to Mango Languages, an award-winning language learning resource. Simply use your library card to get started with the Mango app and access their catalog of learning resources. This can be a great way to continue learning a language on your schedule without leaving the house.


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Citizenship Test Preparation

If you’ve been studying to pass the US citizenship test, you know it’s not easy. Fortunately, libraries can give you access to test preparation materials, including citizenship practice tests and recommended reading. To make sure you’re ready to ace it, consult with your library’s resource team to see what else they may be able to offer you.

Free Legal Advice Clinics

Some libraries will offer free legal advice clinics on various topics, including immigration law. While these may occur less frequently than regular classes or workshops, when they do happen, it’s a great opportunity to connect with legal professionals and learn what next steps you can take in the immigration process. If you don’t see anything coming up at your local library, consider connecting with other community members who may benefit from it and ask the library’s staff together.

Wherever you are in the immigration process, your local public library is here to help. To learn more, check out the other posts on our Medium page!



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