Libraries and AI: Working Together to Improve Library Services

AI is not about to replace librarians---but it can help make their jobs easier!

Artificial intelligence can help librarians do their jobs even better.

With all the traction it’s been gaining in the workplace, in our personal lives, and especially on the internet, you’ve probably heard of AI’s (artificial intelligence’s) rapid advancements in recent months and the new impacts these developments are having. Though the internet is abuzz with talk about AI writing, AI art, machine learning, and the ethics thereof, a lesser-seen impact is on how modern libraries function and the changes that new AI technology is causing. So, how are libraries adapting to this modern age of artificial intelligence? Let’s take a closer look.


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A solid indexing system is by far one of the most important cogs in the machine of a well-run library. As a visitor, you want to be able to enter the library and easily find what you’re looking for without having to sift through piles of other information first. Many libraries are adopting AI technology to simplify the indexing process, reducing the workload on librarians and making it easier for visitors to find the materials they need.

Providing Information to Visitors

Of course, not all visitors know exactly what they’re looking for when they enter the library. Whether they’ve forgotten the name of the book they came for or are simply browsing through with no particular title in mind, it’s very helpful for them to have a bit of extra information on each of the books. AI can be used to recognize patterns in pieces of literature, then sort them in any number of ways, from genre to length to complexity, ensuring that every library visitor leaves with the perfect new book to curl up with.


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Working with the Librarians

Rather than overshadow or replace librarians, AI can be used to assist them and make their jobs easier. Whether managing simple, time-consuming tasks autonomously, fielding common questions from visitors, or simply keeping things organized, AI can help keep a librarian’s hands freed up to handle more complex issues, engage with the community, and improve the library environment.

Needless to say, AI technology has the potential to change the way libraries work as a whole. While there may be debate and controversy on the subject of these new technological developments, there’s no denying their possible usefulness for library-goers and librarians alike. If you’re interested in the current state of libraries and how they’re handling this new age of technology, you can visit us at the EveryLibrary blog for more information!



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