Libraries Are a Resource for Babysitters and Nannies

Caregivers depend on libraries for resources, support, and entertainment.


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Babysitting is a typical summer job that comes with a lot of preparation and responsibility. If you’re planning fun activities for the children under your care, consider escorting them to their local library. You’d be surprised what kind of summer activities libraries host for children. Libraries can be a fantastic resource for babysitters and nannies.

Reading and Responsibility

If you’re a babysitter or nanny, escorting children to their local library sets a positive example. Many learning opportunities can come out of libraries that go beyond reading books. Libraries instill a sense of responsibility in children when they select books of their choice and learn how to return them with care. Plus, library books are entirely free forms of entertainment that may become a lifelong hobby, and that can start with you!

Storytime and Special Events

Engage with children under your supervision by bringing them to storytime or other special events hosted by their local library. Librarians are experts at programming safe and age-appropriate children’s events. Common examples include a children’s author reading, immersive storytelling, or puppet shows. Librarian-hosted events can also give you a temporary break while engaging the children under your care.

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Designated Children’s Sections

Most libraries have a designated children’s section. These are fantastic resources for babysitters and nannies since they’ll always have age-appropriate literature for children to read. These sometimes include toys or stimulating activities like puzzles. It can also encourage them to engage in positive social interactions if they meet other children of the same age.

Free Educational Opportunities

Consider making your library trip an immersive experience, providing a scavenger hunt while having a meaningful conversation about etiquette and using an inside voice. A book scavenger hunt can introduce children to literary concepts while making it fun at the same time. For example, you can challenge the children to find a book with a particular animal on the cover. Get creative with your library visit and see if you can come up with something educational and entertaining!