Now, Only Adults Can Access Some Libraries in Idaho!

Children are no longer allowed to check out books or enter some libraries in Idaho, and anyone who bans a book can receive a bounty of $250!

The Donolly Library in Idaho is now restricted to adults only. Children are no longer allowed to check out books or enter the library.

And anyone who challenges a book in Idaho can receive a bounty of $250! That means that book banners can get paid to keep you from accessing books in the state.

Even worse, some libraries' entire budgets are only a few thousand dollars, and a half-dozen book bans would bankrupt them and shutter them.

As we've seen, this kind of legislation is being used as a blueprint for other states.

We have to stop it before it comes to your state.



In a significant policy shift following the enactment of House Bill 710, the Donnelly Public Library in Donnelly, Idaho, has redefined its role exclusively for adults. This legislative change, which took effect on July 1st, mandates that some public libraries across the state adapt their services and resources to cater solely to adult patrons.

Despite significant public comment and opposition to this bill, they pushed it through the legislature. 

However, the law's restrictions are inherently vague and constitute numerous issues for library workers who operate smaller libraries or lack the space—such as a separate room for “adults only material”—to comply with the bill, which is what library officials at the Donnelly Public Library are dealing with.

Because of the vague regulations, parents may submit requests to remove ANY materials that they disagree with.


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Once a request is submitted, library workers have 60 days to move the material to a designated adult-only section of the library that is properly equipped to keep minors out. This means that not only is the book moved to the adult section, but no children are even allowed in it. 

Children in Idaho libraries can also no longer access any books in the adult section, including books on travel, history, science, math, religious texts, and any other materials typically kept in the adult section.

The adult section must be completely locked off from the children's area, and you now need an ID to access it. 


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In Idaho, Americans under 18 can no longer access college-level textbooks or research, materials about applying for jobs, or materials about the workforce. They can no longer access any materials needed to get ahead in life.

If they fail to comply with the bill, the parent may sue the library in a civil lawsuit for each book they dislike. The library would owe the individual $250 in damages in addition to other fees for every book.