Nurture your child’s curiosity about coding and app creation.

Modern libraries are more than just book repositories. From community events to private workshops, they’re a treasure trove of valuable resources. 

Career readiness and exploration programs are also available and especially popular among kids and teens. If you’ve got a kid interested in tech, here are some fun programs to look for at your local library.


With an intuitive online platform developed by MIT Media Lab, learning Scratch has never been easier. Kids can log on to library computers and start creating with a variety of fun (and easy-to-use!) tools. 

Popular coding games in Scratch include multiplayer and Roblox-style games. 

About Scratch

Scratch is a free programming language designed specifically for kids and adults new to coding. It allows users to develop their own interactive stories and animations. Visit your local library and learn to program with Scratch today! 


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Hour of Code

Hour of Code is an introductory computer science program with activities for all ages and skill levels. To start an event at your local library, spread the word on social media. Get employers, librarians, and everyone in between involved to promote the activity. 

Once you’ve garnered enough interest, click here to register your event and pick your activities. This year’s theme is Creativity with Artificial Intelligence (AI), so if you have a budding AI enthusiast in your house, now is the perfect time to introduce Hour of Code to your local library.

Who knows? They might already have one!


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MIT App Inventor

True to its name, the MIT App Inventor allows users to create their own apps. With over 100 million apps built, this platform can be a great resource for kids wanting to get their own app(s) up and running in less than thirty minutes.

App Inventor 2, the latest version of the application, offers a smoother user experience and is commonly featured at Hour of Code events. It’s utilized by educators and can be accessed at participating public libraries. 

Learning MIT App Inventor

If the prospect of building your first app has you sweating, don’t fret! Some libraries offer introductory courses or tutorials on App Inventor and related platforms, so be sure to ask around and see what’s available. 


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Books on Coding and App Invention

While the aforementioned programs can be a great way to learn more about tech, your child may prefer a more simplistic approach. If so, they can browse the library's collection of coding books for young people. Popular titles to look for include:

Libraries offer much more than just books but don’t overlook the value of the written word. Whether you’re interested in books, hands-on learning activities, or both, your local library has what kids need to succeed in tech.

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