Cannabis Taxes Could Be A Huge Funding Source for Libraries

Libraries must start actively advocating for funding opportunities from this rapidly expanding industry.

You Never Have to Pay for a Digital Book Again

Let’s face it — being a book lover can be a pricey hobby. The same applies to people who use digital books and audiobooks. Many overlook local libraries’ outstanding online resources and services like Libby and Hoopla. These allow people to access ebooks and audiobooks for free! Consider switching to your local library for your digital reading materials. Save the money that you have been spending on buying ebooks and audiobooks.

They Defunded ANOTHER Library Thanks to "Conservative Values"

The latest battleground for freedom of speech is Pennsylvania's Lancaster County, where a borough councilmember called for a budget review of the local library to ensure its programs aligned with "conservative values." Then, voted to defund it.  

This what book banners don't want us to know

You have the power to stop book-ban campaigns of hate and division in their tracks.

Academic Librarians Make College Accessible

Anything is possible with the library.

EveryLibrary Helps Libraries Win Funding

We helped McCall Public Library pass a bond to fund a new building; we checked in them one year later.

From Book Banks to Warm Banks

How local UK libraries will support their communities this winter.

Libraries Have the Data You Need to Make Informed Decisions About Your Business

Analytics once accessible only to large corporations are now affordable for small businesses. 

Libraries Preserve Community Memory

A mentorship program helps small rural and tribal libraries explore methods of documenting their community histories.

North American Indigenous Peoples and Libraries

A vibrant yet long-neglected blend of history and tradition.