Houston Public Library Goes Fine-Free

Eliminating late fees can encourage more people to use the library.

How to Run for a School Board

Get involved with your local school board to help shape your district’s policies for the better.

Social Equity in Library Spaces and Collections

The Choska Talfa Room is an example of social equity in action.

Reaching Out to Hospital Patients — What Public Libraries in England Can Offer

Public and hospital libraries team up to expand their resources for patients and visitors.

Censorship Is a U.S. Civil Rights Issue

Censorship and book banning only add insult to injury.

Teaching empathy is a threat, that's why they want to ban books.

At a time of significant violence in America's schools, the worst thing that a child could learn from school is how to be empathetic and caring towards others. At least, that is what many book banners would have you believe lately. In fact, there's video of them saying exactly that.

Banning books is just NOT, at all, about pornography

If you ask the politicians banning books why they are doing it, most will say they are just trying to protect children. But is that true?

Outside the Book: 5 Librarians from Popular Films Who Break the Stereotype

Forget the stern woman in glasses shushing everyone—librarians come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.

EveryLibrary partners with Tik Tok influencers during National Library Week

EveryLibrary partnered with Tik Tok influencers during National Library Week to gather support for the fight against book bans in the United States.

Even FOX NEWS is reporting that parents are against book bans

Would you believe that even the latest poll from Fox News shows that 77% of parents are concerned about book bans? (click to tweet)