Citizen Bane: A Librarian's Primer on Sovereign Citizens

A little patience, respect, and active listening can go a long way.

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Exploring the Freckle Project

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No, book banners are not protecting children. They're getting them drunk and punching them.

The rallying cry of book banners nation wide is always the same.  “We’re doing it to protect the children!” they proclaim.  Yes, all their efforts to rip books—books!—away from students and kids is in a tireless effort to protect them from the dangerous contents of libraries.  So they say.

Not Sure How to Best Spend Your Day of Service This Year?

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You Can Count on Your Library during Winter Weather Emergencies

Libraries are vital community hubs providing a safe place to stay warm and access the internet during severe winter storms.

But, Nobody Uses Libraries Anymore...

One of the things we always hear while campaigning for libraries is that nobody uses libraries anymore. But check out the data and you'll see something completely different.

What Is Public Domain Anyway?

Copyright runs out on some very well-known titles in 2024. . . .