Libraries for Life: A Story of How They Serve People at Every Age (Part 1)

From birth to death, libraries strive to improve the well-being of individuals and communities. Instead of demonstrating how and why through an impossibly long list, here’s a story I hope you enjoy…

Libraries, Structured Randomness and the Creative Process

Creativity occurs at the intersection of different ideas.

Make the Most of Library Storytime: 6 Tips for New Parents

So you’re a new parent — Congratulations! By now I’m sure you’ve read all the books (and magazines, and blogs, and webpages…) about the crazy-wonderful magic that’s happening in your baby’s brain; like how reading aloud to your child creates a firestorm of neural connections during their earliest years. Or maybe you’re the parent of a toddler or preschooler, and your pediatrician told you that reading aloud every day will strengthen your parent-child bond and help get them ready for kindergarten. Either way, your public library has something for you: Storytime! I’m sure you have an idea of what storytime is: librarian reads picture book to kids, kids are entertained. But there’s so much more to it than that! Not to worry, here are tips for first-timers:

The Ways Librarians Inspire a Love of Books in Reluctant Readers

There are so many options available at the library, and it’s the librarian’s job to ensure that your child gets exactly the right book.

The Obvious Place to Get Started in Business is the Library. Here’s why…

“Americans already think like entrepreneurs. Almost half say they’ve had a specific idea for an entrepreneurial venture in the past year or see opportunities in the economy for such ideas. But they’re unsure how to proceed — only 35 percent would know where to go for help. Think about it: We live in the most economically free country on the globe, yet only one person in three knows how to get help to get started in business.” — Frank I. Luntz, The What Americans Really Want…Really: Revised Edition

Why This Librarian Loves It When Teens Geek Out

Q: What do Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, and Steven Universe all have in common?A: Hordes of teenage fans eager to share the love.

How Their First Library Card Teaches Kids Responsibility

To kids, a first library card can symbolize the power and responsibility of adulthood. 

15 Tips to Keep Your Kid’s Reading On-track Over the Summer

Summer reading programs are a great way to keep kids engaged with reading and up-to-speed with their reading level. But even if kids start a reading program with enthusiasm, their attention may dwindle as the summer rolls on. Here are 15 tips to keep your kids on-track:

How the Library Can Help Freelancers Gain Expert Credibility

Presumably, as a freelancer and entrepreneur, you are an expert in your craft; you have knowledge and skills that the average person doesn’t have, and you make a living by using them. But how are potential clients supposed to know that you’re an expert? Certainly, there are the obvious ways: A website, referrals from past clients, and the myriad marketing strategies both online and off. These ways are good, they are traditional — they are also potentially time-consuming and expensive.

The High Cost of Illiteracy

Did you know that illiteracy costs the United States billions of dollars every single year? Approximately 32 million adults in the United States can't read, according to the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that 50 percent of U.S. adults can't read a book written at an eighth-grade level.