Readers Travel the World From Their Living Room Couch

Yearning for a vacation?

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, high inflation costs, and increased travel restrictions, vacations may not be accessible for everyone at this time. However, books can simulate traveling by “transporting” you to another destination of your choice. If you can’t experience it in person yet, reading can give you a preview of your destination from the comfort of your couch. Here’s why you should consider reading if you’ve been yearning for a vacation.

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Reading Lets Us Escape

What makes your brain feel like you’re “escaping” by reading a book? A psychologist named this concept of transportation through reading or the sensation of being immersed in a book. Reading a book can fulfill social interaction, improve social skills, and stimulate cognitive abilities.

Books Introduce Us to Other Perspectives

When you travel, you have interactions with other cultures and traditions. Reading provides an alternative for people who cannot physically travel. Fiction novels tend to place readers in the main character’s shoes. Seeing the world from their perspective heightens empathy and shifts your outlook.

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Reading is Introspective

We live in a world where isolation is the new normal, which can inevitably lead to feelings of loneliness. While it’s essential to validate these emotions, reading can be a great way to relieve intense feelings associated with isolation. Reading books can encourage you to be self-reflective and daydream about the world. Plus, reading about your favorite characters can sometimes feel like spending time with a friend, reducing feelings of loneliness.

Books Are the Ultimate Vacation Destination

If you’re an avid reader who loves to travel, the best way to transport yourself to another world is through a book! Visit an utterly fantastical realm or a real country you’ve always wanted to see. Consider reading a nonfiction book about a specific location to help you daydream or plan for a future vacation. If you need an escape, consider embarking on a literary adventure!

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