The Benefits of Reading with Your Child

How often do you read with the young people in your life?

Sharing a story with your kids each day supports healthy development.

The summer season is upon us, and that means more and more children are getting out of school for the season. This means they’ll be spending more time at home and need activities to fill all their extra time. Of course, online videos, video games, and scrolling through the internet are some of the most common activities, but are they really the best way to spend the next three months? We believe that one of the best alternatives to fill the time is reading with your child, and here’s why.


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It Improves Language Skills

As you read with your child, they’ll be exposed to new words, writing styles, and literary techniques. As this happens, they’re likely to ask questions, so be sure to give them answers, and over time, they’ll gain a larger vocabulary along with a greater understanding of what they’re reading and the intricacies and nuances so often present in literature. This will allow them to grow up to be a better reader and writer. 

It Creates a Love of Reading

In a similar vein to their improved language skills, kids who are read to regularly will develop a love of literature and eventually start reading on their own. Kids who grow a love of reading in this way will continue to improve their language skills all on their own, becoming articulate, well-rounded, and self-sufficient learners. Starting early by reading with your child from a young age is one of the best ways to ensure their intellectual and even emotional development as they learn to analyze and empathize with their favorite characters.


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It Nurtures a Special Bond

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, reading with your child helps nurture that special bond between parent and child, giving you a chance to spend quality time with each other curled up with a good book. Taking time out of your day to read to your child shows them that you care about them, instilling a stronger sense of self-worth and a greater sense of trust toward you.

Especially after a stressful event, being able to slow down to read a book with their parent gives a child a healthy outlet for their stress and negative emotions, teaching them productive coping mechanisms. Overall, their emotional well-being and bond with you are greatly enhanced through the time they spend reading with you.



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