Tribal Libraries Support Culture and Craft in Native Communities

Libraries have played an essential role in safeguarding indigenous history and cultural identity.

Training opportunities and entrepreneurial resources at tribal libraries equip artists and artisans with the skills to thrive in the creative economy. 

Libraries play an essential role in the preservation of indigenous history and cultural identity.

Libraries and the individuals working therein have always made efforts to teach, support, and empower their communities through the provision of information and resources.

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Supporting Culture

Developing language skills in young children through the participation of their families has been a critical goal of tribal libraries. It has also supported Native American culture and passed traditional stories down to younger generations. Combining these two goals into one project resulted in the creation of Hearing Our Stories and Building Our World, a Pojoaque Public Library program that introduces early reading skills to tribal children through story-time events at tribal libraries.

In addition, the program seeks to collaborate with other tribal libraries in the area so that as many tribal children as possible have the opportunity to develop early reading skills. Monthly workshops will also take place to encourage parent and caregiver participation.

Providing for Entrepreneurs

Libraries as Launchpads are designed to aid rural and tribal libraries in helping entrepreneurs develop and grow their small businesses. It provides training opportunities and entrepreneurial resources for artisans within tribal communities so that they’re better equipped to operate and thrive in the creative economy.

With this type of support, tribal artisans and craftspeople can perfect the entrepreneurial skills they need to operate a successful business that celebrates Native American communities and culture through the creation of art.

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Preserving History

Along with helping to preserve the language of today’s indigenous people, Tribal Libraries have also played an essential role in safeguarding indigenous history and cultural identity. Through the efforts put forth to collect and share Native American stories and revitalize Native American languages, tribal libraries have taken steps to ensure the protection of Indigenous histories.