Try Homeschooling at the Library

Here’s a sample homeschool schedule if you use the library as your base of operations.

A daily homeschool schedule for library lovers.

Many public schools have reopened since the COVID-19 pandemic, but homeschooling continues to rise in popularity. Your local library has many necessary resources for a successful school year. Here’s a sample homeschool schedule if you use the library as your base of operations.


Ask a Librarian a Question

If you’re unsure where to begin, start by talking to your local librarian. Call them to find out what activities they’re hosting that week. Connecting with the library can be an excellent opportunity to ask them about recommended reading materials. 

Remember, librarians are trained professionals. Thus, they’re available to help you find homeschooling resources in an accessible and affordable manner. You can also encourage your students to explore their interests and get reliable information and resources by talking to librarians.

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Get Your Supplies

Your library has ready access to printers, computers, and basic office supplies. Print out homeschooling materials to start your child’s school day. Many of these resources are free or inexpensive to use with your library card. You can also access supplies such as makerspaces, tablets, 3d printers, and bicycles at libraries.


Check Out Educational Resources

Books are a significant characteristic of libraries. However, libraries offer educational resources for homeschooling children. Many librarians provide free teaching kits that focus on a particular school subject. 

Libraries also give you access to research databases typically blocked by paywalls and subscriptions. If it’s available at your library, you can teach certain school subjects in a makerspace filled with 3D printers and crafting resources.

Participate in Activities

Consider attending storytimes hosted by your librarian. Also, librarians will often teach gardening and computer literacy. If you have an older child, find out if your library hosts book clubs and LEGO groups.

Enjoy Free Tutoring

Many libraries offer free tutoring and homework assistance services, including free online tutoring, homework help by appointment, or on-site tutors specializing in specific subjects. You might also enjoy reading assistance programs such as storytimes or Paws to Read.


Cozy Up in Quiet Study Spaces

Libraries are fantastic work-oriented environments. You can use libraries for remote work or read in a quiet space. Plus, if you call your library ahead of time, you can reserve a meeting room for your child to focus on their studies.

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Free Time

Borrow Library Materials

Once you finish school, fully utilize your library’s resources. Stop by and pick up entertaining library materials. Enjoy books, video games, movies, music, and more!