5 Simple Ways to Make Sure Your Library Stays Around Forever

Libraries in the United States receive over a billion visits every year, so there are obviously a lot of library users out there. Why, then, am I always reading about libraries fighting for their very survival? The answer, in my opinion, is that most library users do not understand that without their active support, they will eventually have no libraries left to visit. Consequently, here are five simple ways to make sure that trouble and your library never meet:

Questions and Concepts that Uncover Fake News and Bias

Questions and Concepts that Uncover Fake News and Bias As teens approach the end of their high school years and prepare to make their way into the wide world, it’s important that they have the tools they need to navigate the flood of information that we all deal with. Parents can do a great service for their kids by helping them learn how to distinguish the good from the bad in the world of information, news and social media, starting with some key concepts, and libraries can be their partner in creating a new generation of informed, engaged young adults.

Listening for Early Literacy

A perennial staple of children’s library programming around the world continues to be public story times. While some communities have access to frequent events such as an infant-targeting Baby Bounce or the toddler-friendly Rhyme Time hosted by children’s librarians, almost all public libraries in the U.S. provide regularly scheduled and thematically varied opportunities for groups of small children and their care providers to enjoy experiences with books together.

Cooking up early literacy skills with your kids!

Cooking and literacy go hand in hand. Even the most basic recipe requires not only the ability to read, but to follow directions measuring ingredients and preparing them accordingly. Not only does cooking promote literacy, but many different kinds of literacy: of course reading and writing, but also math, science, technology, nutrition, health, culture and historical literacies, as well as culinary literacy, which is increasingly at risk with today’s kids. In this article we will show you how cooking can foster early literacy and highlight both library programs which combine cooking and literacy and ways to use your local public library’s resources to do this on your own.

These Tips Will Teach You How to Finish Over 50 Books a Year

For the last ten years I’ve finished 65–80 books a year. I’m not saying that to show off, I know people who read over 100 books a year without a second thought. The fact that reading combines entertainment, education, and inspiration is just one of the reasons many successful people make it a habitual activity. Frankly, it doesn’t matter to me if you read 20 or 90 books per annum as long as the books you experienced gave you a thrill. In the end, it’s not about how many books you’ve finished — there will always be someone who read more — as much as making the best of your life. Here are my tips to help you get more reading in:

Hi My name is Cassandra O’Neill and I’m an author, avid reader, and I love libraries.

Hi My name is Cassandra O’Neill and I’m an author, avid reader, and I love libraries. I have my first book coming out in October that I co-authored with Monica Brinkerhoff. The book is called Five Elements of Collective Leadership. We are passionate about collective leadership and on a mission to bring it to the world.

Exhausted by Political Turmoil? Turn to Unifying Power of Our Libraries!

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or somewhere in between, we can all agree that political discussion in the United States is not where we want it. Discord appears to reign supreme, regardless of the topic, with pundits, fake news, and loud-mouthed politicians spoiling it for everyone. There is, however, a topic that I believe we can all agree on: The greatness of our nation’s public libraries!

How to Work out of a Library (No Matter What Size Town You’re In)

Whether your local library is in the heart of a big city or nestled in a small town, it is likely a great place to get some work done. Libraries are open to all, they come equipped with wifi and business amenities that freelancers, independent professionals and entrepreneurs need, and they provide a quiet place to focus. Here’s an overview of working out of your local library, no matter what size town you’re in:

How Young Adult Fiction Helps Teens Better Understand Their Mental Health

I was a teen who sometimes felt too panicked to function. Parties felt like minefields, my future seemed fragile, and the ways I could fail on a daily basis numbered near infinite.

A Librarian’s Guide to Choosing the Right Book for You!

There’s no question that reading is important — it educates, inspires, entertains, and so much more. But with thousands of books published every week, how does a reader (especially one that is just getting into reading) decide which one to pick up? This question often occurs for me both because of my work as a librarian and because I am a reader myself! So how does one choose what to read?