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Readers have less hate! Is that why they want to ban books?

What If I told you that people who read are less likely to hate? Recent events in St. Tammany Parish have shone a spotlight on learned hatred versus empathy. The family of Evette Randolf had hung a sign on their property with a simple message: “Ban Hate. Not Books.” After standing for months, the sign was burned down.

Libraries Celebrate National Poetry Month

Discover the fun and unique ways libraries highlight poetry appreciation.

New Laws Make Banned Books a Crime

Librarians and educators may be targeted for prosecution if they distribute “offensive” materials.

Bookmobiles: What Exactly Are They?

Bookmobiles are the earliest form of library outreach, and they continue to evolve over the years.

Libraries and Sustainability: A Guide

Libraries continually find ways to be kinder to the planet.

Exploring SLIDE: The School Library Investigation—Decline or Evolution?

Are you aware of the disparity between school library staffing requirements in different states and school districts?

Watsonville Libraries Work to Uplift Pajaro Valley Residents in the Wake of Devastating Floods

A recent atmospheric river which started on March 13, 2023, changed the lives of many Watsonville and Pajaro residents. Now, with schools, businesses, and the Pajaro Branch of Monterey County Free Libraries closed, and residents unable to return to their homes for lengthy periods of time, a tragedy has once again reaffirmed the essential role libraries play in providing vital resources.

Celebrating Five Years of Save School Librarians

Save School Librarians advocates for school librarians and libraries within the United States.

A 3-Step Approach to Protecting Your Child without Banning Books

Rather than ban books, consider strategies that support your child’s needs while allowing others the freedom to read.